Seaway Announce B-side, Covers and Reworks record, ‘Fresh Produce’

There’s a new record coming from Seaway but not as you expected!

The Oakville Pop-Punks will release a compilation record called ‘Fresh Produce’ and will be released on April 19th 2019 via Pure Noise Records.

Here’s the tracklisting and Album Art.


01.) Pleasures
02.) Blur
03.) Something Wonderful (Alternate Version)
04.) 40 Over (Alternate Version)
05.) Lula (Alternate Version)
06.) Slam/Shy Guys (Alternate Version)
07.) Just What I Needed (Cover)
08.) Hand In My Pocket (Cover)
09.) Closer (Cover)
10.) Your Best Friend
11.) Alberta
12.) The Let Down
13.) If I Came Back For You

Pre-orders are available from the label’s webstore.

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