Grayscale Part Ways With Nick Veno

Grayscale have just announced a change in their lineup, with Drummer Nick Veno quitting but will finish their tour with the band.

Grayscale posted to Twitter to share the details of what is happening.

“There have been some changes behind the scenes in our band. Due to some creative differences, this is the new Grayscale. The current tour we’re on will continue as planned, with Nick finishing out the remaining shows with us. More details to come on Monday.”

Nick Veno has also shared a statement via Twitter saying:

“I’ll keep this as brief as I can. I am no longer in Grayscale. “Creative differences” is one way to put it, but after being in a band with those guys for years, I have come to learn how self-centred they all really are. I will be finishing the current tour with them, and that’s it. Please understand I am not interested in providing more information at this time. Thank you for everything.”


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