Chinese Goths Rally Around Woman Forced To Remove “Distressing” Make-Up On Subway

A woman was asked to leave a Chinese subway train and was forced to remove her “distressing” dark make-up but did the internet sit back and relax? Of course not! Social Media rallied behind her by people posting selfies of themselves in full make-up and “gothic lolita” outfits.

The Guardian reported that an unnamed woman in the Guangzhou, whom was riding a subway train was approached by a security guard who “called her manager, and said that her make up was ‘problematic and really horrible’.

She was then told that she has to remove her make-up if she wanted to continue riding the subway.

Later, in a post via the website Weibo, the woman wrote:

“As a Chinese citizen, I’m hoping to use this relatively public platform to challenge the authorities: What laws grant you the right to stop me and waste my time?

“If you are able to cite one, I am willing to pay for a banner to hang at the subway station, which reads, ‘People wearing gothic lolita clothing are not allowed to ride subway.’”

In response to this, the over 5,000 users on Weibo posted pictures of themselves in full goth makeup with the hashtag ‘#ASelfieForTheGuangzhouMetro’. The Guangzhou subway has since apologized and a staff member has been suspended.

I think this is a problem that will never go away and judging someone on their looks is just offensive, god forbid if someone was asked to cover up because they have a deformity, it would be unacceptable. But this is the world in 2019 and being tormented for how someone looks is something the gothic and rock world is something we’re all too familiar with, especially the most notable case being the murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007.

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