Former Woe, Is Me Vocalist Michael Bohn Addresses Reunion Rumors

The Instagram account of the former band Woe, Is Me has been revived as of late with Tyler Carter posting an image of their debut record, ‘Number[s]’.

This sent the fanbase into a frenzy, with speculation rife which included a reunion tour when the record turning 10 next year.


Michael Bohn however, who handled vocal duties alongside Carter, addressed the rumours and refuted them on Twitter, stating “he couldn’t be paid to do a reunion”.

“Wanna clear something up real quick. I understand that the album “Number[s]” really meant a lot to so many people. Hell, it meant a lot to me as well. I appreciate the love that people have shared from that album and I’m honored to have been a part of it. However, I will not be doing any sort of reunion at all! I’m not gonna get people’s hopes up and fill them with misleading info! You couldn’t pay me to do a Woe, Is Me reunion and that’s that!”


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