Sister Shotgun Announces Debut Record

It’s those West Midlands rockers we all love, Sister Shotgun have announced their debut record, which will be a follow-up to their 2017 record, ‘Devour’

The producer is that legend Romesh Dodangoda whose previous work includes Bring Me The Horizon, Divide and Funeral For A Friend.

The record is going ot be released via Pavement Entertainment on April 19th 2019.

Here are the details.

01.) Sacred Heart
02.) She Lives
03.) From Ashes
04.) Fragments
05.) Miss Fortune
06.) For The Love Of Hate
07.) Kill The Lights
08.) Silhouettes
09.) Mourning Iris
10.) Scorn
11.) No Hope (Bonus track)


Pre-orders are available now from Plastichead.

Bloodstock Announces 7 More Bands

UK’s very own Bloodstock Festival has added several more to its lineup.

Aborted, Skeletal Remains, The Lazys, Boss Keloid, 3 Headed Snake, Red Method and Dust Bolt will play alongside Cradle of Filth, Code Orange, Tesseract and more.

Bloodstock Open Air Festival will take place at Catton Park, Derbyshire on August 8th – 11th 2019.


Trash Boat Announce UK Tour

They’re thirsty to get back to the UK. Trash Boat have recently finished up some huge dates supporting While She Sleeps but are so keen to get back to fans, they’ve announced a September UK tour.


Capstan, Doll Skin and Woes are joining them on the run as their support.


Here are the dates.

September 2019

12th – Birmingham O2 Institute

13th – London O2 Islington Academy

14th – Leeds Stylus

15th – Glasgow G2

17th – Belfast Oh Yeah Centre

18th – Dublin Workmans Club



I Prevail Announce Tour

Recently, I Prevail have announced their new record, ‘Trauma’ releasing their first two singles from the record.

Now though, they’re bringing their new tracks to the UK in June.

This will follow their Download Festival set and see them play a further three dates in June, with Palisades as their support.

Here are the dates.

June 2019

17th – Glasgow SWG3

18th – Manchester O2 Ritz

20th – London Electric Ballroom


A Day To Remember’s ‘If It Means A Lot To You’ Reaches Milestone

One of Rock’s most exciting and hardworking bands, A Day To Remember just hit a huge milestone!

Their amazing ballad, ‘If It Means A Lot To You’ has been streaming for quite a while now and it’s easily their most streamed track of all time. It has now reached 36 Million more plays than ‘The Downfall Of Us All”.

That number has come to 100 million plays via Spotify, marking it as their first track to ever do so!

Massive congratulations on that and as a bonus, it also features Sierra Kusterbeck (Versaemerge, Versa).

If you’ve somehow been living under a rock over the last few years, check out the track below.

Live Review: The Pale White @ The Basement, York

Date: 03/03/19

Support: Feva, Neon Salmon

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been at this venue. The Basement’s located below one of the loveliest cinema’s in York, The City Screen. It’s a tiny venue which hosts some comedians and fair’s but every so often, there are amazing music gigs which you just can’t afford to miss. I do admit, a friend did make me aware of this gig at the last minute when they asked if I was seeing them in York (they saw the band on one of their previous tour dates). And when I found out there was a handful of tickets left, I immediately raced down to the venue to purchase a ticket on the evening. I’ve kept an eye on The Pale White since they released ‘Reaction’ back in 2017 and from there I was just hooked the moment the track finished. They’re a band that typically only pops up maybe once in a generation but I will not compare them to say the Arctic Monkeys because to compare their rising star power wouldn’t be necessary and possibly a waste of time considering the two clashing genres of music.

First up on the evening were local lads in Neon Salmon. Say what you want about this band, they did have a certain je ne sais quoi which made them hard to look away from. This might have been down to their attire of the night, with some blankets (I think they were blankets) or their fairy lights which just ran rampant on every member but they seemed to be able to take pride in themselves and just have a great time performing together. They’re more of an easy listening group, perfect to get the crowd going, especially with the vocalist’s quick quips but talented they are. With some fine tuning however, this could be one band York will be talking about in the future.

Feva on the other hand, from their first note, could’ve brought the house down. If people hadn’t heard of them before, everyone was interested by then. They’re again, in the same genre as The Pale White, both bands that stand out and have something quite unique because of their sounds. They seem to go a little harder on their tracks which might explain this mentality, especially with their vocalist moving out into the pit twice during their set, or his legs have presumably gotten tired from standing in a small spot for so long. Either way, Feva are a band with a statement and tracks such as ‘Uneasy’ or ‘Blind’ just show this as soon, I predict they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with, and being from the North East of England, don’t expect them to stay quiet for long because they are going to dominate sooner rather than later.

Now, The Pale White. As I’ve said before,they’ve been on my radar for some time now. I’ll say this to start off with, this is the only band I’ve seen at the Basement, York to actually get everyone around the stage upon command. There’s a bit of a weird layout to the venue because of the benches in front of the stage but I haven’t seen enthusiasm to get people to the front of there in a while. While this is a tiny venue for the band to be playing, it’s quite intimate compared to the other venues the band have been playing including The Georgian Theatre in Stockton. For every track though, the crowd just responded more and more, with a few people even getting their dance on into what was a thoroughly enjoyable set but what’s next for the band? To take some daring risks and step up these shows.

The main distinction to anyone from The Pale White to me is possibly the thunderous guitar sections they have which total them as true indie icons in the making, mostly seen in tracks such as ‘Medicine’ and ‘Loveless’. They’re pure backlog tracks that will hopefully be never fade out of the band’s setlist but here, we’ll eventually see them flourish as the icons we know they can be. What’s more is that after this tour, they’re jetting off to play with Sam Fender next month as well, further cementing North East artists as ones to watch in 2019. All I’m going to say is, get to any dates for this band because you will not want to miss out.

Rating: 7/10

Live Review: Blood Youth @ Leeds Key Club

Date: 28/02/2019

Support: Lotus Eater, Palm Reader

Leeds. It’s been a slow start to 2019 for me with gigs where I’ve only been to around t hree or four in 2019 if I’m remembering correctly. Now though, I’m all fired up and ready to get stuck in with everything and as many bands as humanly possible What’s more is that I’m going to try and split them so I’m covering as many genres as possible as well because I don’t want the same experience every time, I want them to be more diverse so I’m not just giving reviews of something that’s becoming more and more generic. With that in mind, this is the heaviest gig I’ve been to so far in 2019 and that is the fantastic Yorkshire born and bred Blood Youth. This band have just very recently dropped their second record, ‘Starve’ which had so much energy it had to be unleashed as humanly possible. With their second night of the tour in Leeds, things are bound to get mental.

Starting off the night are Louts Eater. The Glaswegians waste no time in getting things going with the crowd erupting in moshpits, as far as I can see behind me in the venue. Where they do bring the noise, their stage presence is a little underrated but seemingly overshadowed later in their set by their vocalists addressing of the crowd saying (and I’m possibly paraphrasing as far as I can remember here) “I want to see someone die”. I can’t really condone this type of mentality anywhere I go, at any venue. A gig is meant to be a safe place for fans to listen to live music and if the night demands it, yes of course mosh. But this type of language used felt very unwanted and just seemingly spoiled their set, making it one fans could forget quickly.

Next up, producing a criminally underrated record with ‘Braille’ in 2018 were Palm Reader. They were a band, possibly half the venue came out for as much as Blood Youth and Lotus Eater. Here their set adorned to produce something which was highly enjoyable, with no doubts about gaining more listeners on the night where they do reach their peak at times to showcase just how much talent they have and how much more we have to look forward to in their future. Anyone will know they are a band who revels in their atmosphere, just not quite hitting that top notch but in time, will see them soar to new heights.

A new record, better mentality and a venue of onlookers to mosh and crowdsurf? It can only be time for Blood Youth to take to the stage! They waste no time in getting straight to their meaty tracks from their recently released record, ‘Starve’, opening with ‘Starve’ and ‘Cut Me Open’. All I remember is the place just erupting in moshpit after moshpit with vocalist Kaya Tarsus taking command of everyone, showing why they’re the headliners tonight. But also, this is a testament to just what Blood Youth are capable of as well, showing that the only direction is up for the band in the very near future. Every track is just met with more enthusiasm during their set, even when they do decide to slow things down by even the slightest.

What I love about this set is that it’s firstly a hometown show for the band, which they just absolutely destroy, where no person should be left unmoshed. The other is that their track, ‘Exhale’ which is quite a long track, showcases the atmosphere of what they’re able to do with a crowd and pretty soon, will take the band to new heights.

Rating: 7/10

Music Video Roundup 01/03/19

Is it Friday already? That can only mean it’s 4PM! This it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or the roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I view some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. First up are the British collective known as Itoldyouiwouldeatyou as they debut a video for ‘Almost Zero’ which is apparently inspired by a short story written by senior Putin advisor Vladislav Surkov.


Next up, hailing from Findlay, Ohio are the ever fantastic September Stories who’ve been teasing music over the past few months and now they have something to put to all that teasing. Check out The Calm, The Storm below.


Next is a band whose name is a little questionable but we’ll go with it. They’re called High Reeper. The five-man band plays stoner-rock but sometimes these bands can be highly addictive. It’s fun and infectious and you can check out the video for ‘Bring The Dead’ below.


Moving onto some legends in the scene, AFI released a brand new EP in 2018, titled as ‘The Missing Man’. On that, was some of their best material they’ve produced and now, the band have recently released a video for ‘Get Dark’, which is reminiscent of a David Lynch film.


Now, the next video is from a mans name you could be familiar with. It’s none other than ‘Mat Kerekes, better known as the frontman of Citizen. He’s got a solo release, ‘Ruby’ out soon and now, he has a video to show us all for the track, ‘Diamonds’.


Moving over to British Columbia now, this is a band who’s been tipped to watch and they are the metal trio, Spiritbox. Their latest EP came in 2017 and this is their latest offering since said EP and that is the track, Belcarra. Check out the video below.


Shall we go animated for the next video? Our Last Night have recently announced their new record, ‘Let Light Overcome’ which is set to be released on March 8th. But until then, we have a great new video for ‘Demons’ which you can check out below.


The latest signing from Manchester is a band called Parting Gift. They’ve just recently signed with Fearless Records and bringing out a brand new EP, ‘Ensom’ which will be released at the end of March. On the track, ‘Pale’, frontman Zac Vernon has said:  “Pale is the emptiness one cannot escape. It returns when the mind is idle. It seeks no endgame. It lives and breathes pain & it is the opposite of love. In Pale, the sacred grounds appear for the first time.”


With Holding Absence just about to head out to tour all over the place, you need to get hyped for it right? Well, they have a fantastic video for the powerful track, ‘You Are Everything’ and it just shows how great a show of theirs can be.


And we’ve come to the last track of this week’s Music Video countdown. Stand Atlantic released their latest record, ‘Skinny Dipping’ last year and it was one of the records of the year for me. On that record, they had plenty of anthems, bangers but one stood out from the rest as it was a real emotional track. That track is ‘Toothpick’ which just shows how great they are as a band.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundups. Be sure to check back next week for another ten of the best right here at Almost Anything Media.