Mikey Way Has A Comic Book Being Released On Gerrard Way’s DC Imprint

It seems as if everyone’s getting into comic books these days.

Last year, Gerrard Way shut his Dc Comic Imprint Young Animal last year but thankfully it’s making its comeback!

Anddddd…. Mikey Way is coming to it with a new concept with his series Collapser which is being co-authored by Gerard and Shaun Simon who also worked on the Killjoys comic series in 2010.

Collapser is a brand new concept with the DC Universe which will explore new characters.

But also in addition to this, Gerard Ways’s Doom Patrol series is to return as well.

There’s no official release date for the series, but a synopsis has been released for Collapser with the official artwork which is available to view below.

“Liam James is a wannabe DJ whose life goals are almost completely dashed by his crippling anxiety—until a package arrives in the mail containing a black hole that gives him amazing powers and draws him into a cosmic conflict far beyond anything he’d ever imagined. But Liam will discover that when it comes to life, love, mental health and superhero responsibilities, there’s no such thing as a quick fix, and that power comes with a cost.”


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