PledgeMusic Heading Into Administration?

There’s no secret that the direct-to-fan platform PledgeMusic has been in financial trouble recently and it seems to be heading in one very troubling direction.

According to a blog published by Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic Co-founder), the company is heading into administration.

Rogers was formerly the CEO for PledgeMusic before leaving in 2018.

“I went back into PledgeMusic just over three months ago as a volunteer to try and help the board and team turn around and sell the company, but I am sad to report that this effort has not met with success and that PledgeMusic will shortly be heading into administration.

I cannot begin to appreciate how all of you affected artists are feeling about this and I am deeply sorry for what you have been through.

I ask all of the fans to please understand the awful and near impossible situation that this has put the artists that you love and supported in, and as such I ask you to bear with them as they do their best to make any obligations to you right.”

Bands and artists who have worked with PledgeMusic are being asked to head here to download their data from the platform.

Fans are being asked to head here to make sure that they download their past releases archive.


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