5 Upcoming Bands You Need To Check Out

This is one post  I’ve been meaning to write for a while. How come I’ve not done one of these for a while? I probably haven’t thought of it until now. So, there are no many emerging bands coming throughout the world at the moment but which ones have caught my eye and ears the most?

Here are five bands that I’ve been listening to the most in 2019 so far.


This five pieces Alternative group are the latest to be hailing from the ever-growing roster of Brighton bands. Currently signed to Big Scary Monsters, Orchards are about to be setting off on their debut headlining UK tour, playing five dates before opening for Jamie Lenman in London at the beginning of July. Be sure to be a fan of them soon because I’m sure they will explode on the scene within the next 12 months.



The rising British Yonaka are ones that have been making a name for themselves over the last 12 months and really been pushing the boundaries and now with their debut record, ‘Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow’ out right now, it’s a collection of everything they can and will accomplish together as a band. Opening for The Amazons and Don Broco as well as more in 2018, Yonaka are more than ready to take the next step in their careers, and I can’t be happier to see them take their future as headliners on their upcoming debut UK headlining tour.


I’ve had my eye very early on in Vukovi’s career, seeing them at Slam Dunk a few years ago but with the band in hibernation in 2018 to recalibrate and refuel for their upcoming anticipated second record, they’re a band who are sure to push boundaries for what it means to be a band in 2019. With their new material each an anthem in their own rights, the Scottish up and comers are sure to hit gold and collect more and more fans as they continue to rise in the ranks.

The Fever 333

Headed up by the former vocalist of Letlive, The Fever 333 have been exploring more and more in 2019. What’s interesting about this band is their politics where their tracks, their lyrics are all a platform against the worst people in charge of the world. With their ‘demonstrations’ taking place more and more each day, they are becoming the future of just what it means to be a musician in today’s world. They’re a group who come up once in a generation with lyrics that speak to the masses because music will make us rise, just as the band has since their inception.

Dream State

For my final pick I’ve gone for the best female-fronted Welsh post-hardcore newcomers Dream State, just so you’re not confused with any other band I’m talking about. They are making waves front right and centre, having closed off the storming UK headlining run, the band are sure to bring about new material, adding to their anthemic, ambitious and atmospheric sound which has made them a force to be reckoned with over the last two years of activity, both small and large on the scene.


And that’s it for another countdown list, hopefully, in the meantime, I’ll be getting to see these bands live soon, Dream State and Vukovi have recently rounded up tours and Orchards and Yonaka are on my list! I have high hopes there!

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