What To Take To A Festival

Festival season is fast approaching! with some taking place next month (Download Festival) of course, I’ve been thinking about just what I need to be taking with me to these places so that I can fully enjoy myself without having to worry about anything. To keep it simple for this post, it’s not going to be anything too specific. I’m a photographer by nature so I might save that for another time in a few weeks. For this post, it’s just going to be for your average festival. So without further ado, here are 5 things you’ll need to take with you to a festival.

  1. Money.

This one applies for the day festival passes and such, mostly for you Slam Dunk Festival goers but money is a must have for a festival, especially if you’re travelling there by train or bus and you just need a little bit of change and your phone doesn’t have an NFC (Near Field Communication) on hand. Basically, I’d say if you’re going to somewhere nearby but worried about wanting some food and such, £50 should be more than enough, especially if there’s an emergency by the Merch table.

2. Snacks.

You’re going to be up on your feet all day and night, so you’ll need some slow burning snack, not chocolate or chips or bread, Packing nuts and cereal bars are the way to go because of the mix of the fat and protein it contains in them!

3. Portable Phone Charger

This is a massively important one, especially if you suck at driving along with a map. You always need to get a portable charger as most phones don’t usually give you an all-day battery, but they’re getting slightly better each year. Most festivals off a charging facility but if you have your own which you can pick up pretty cheaply, you can provide yourself with something that can last the entirety of the weekend.

4. Earplugs.

Recently I’ve been going along to gigs with these things in and they’ve massively helped the morning after hangover when someone’s been a bit loud the night before. But seriously, you’ll be around a lot of people at the festival you’re attending and it’s safe to say there’s going to be a lot of people so it won’t be all peace and quiet for the day.

5. Torch

All I’ll say on this one is that you don’t want to fall over a tent while a big guy is sleeping, you’ll be running for a while but you can hope he’s a heavy sleeper. Wishful thinking there. But a torch, even the torch on your phone will be helpful at festivals, especially if a drunk version of your friend is acting like Gollum for Lord Of The Rings and they’re into method acting for the weekend.

If anyone has more suggestions for this list, please get in contact with Almost Anything Media and we’ll complile that into a brand new list which will be posted in the coming months.


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