Drown This City Sign With UNFD, Detail New EP

Australia is in a golden age of Rock at the moment and spearheading this new wave of music is the label UNFD. And with that, the latest band on the radar is Melbourne’s Drown This City.

Now signed to the label, the band have had some time to refocus and address their personal demons as the band’s new EP ‘Alpha // Survivor’ is set to be released on July 5th.

On the band’s break and their return, ‘Alex Reade’ has said:

“We’ve been through heart ache, break downs, low moments, and the highest of highs and together have only gotten stronger. We’ve supported each other to be powerful as well as vulnerable, and through this connection we’ve come out of dark times and rebuilt Drown This City, ready to be released in its new form.”

Check out the cover art, tracklisting, lead single ‘In Your Image’ as well the pre-order options below.


01.) Don’t Forget To
02.) Stay Broken
03.) In Your Image
04.) Null
05.) Love Makes Cowards Of Us All
06.) Void

Pre-orders are available via Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.

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