Silverstein Sign With UNFD, Release Single With Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)

New signings and this is a big one!

Silverstein have announced that they have signed to the Australian Label, UNFD. But wait! There’s more….

They’ve also released a brand new single which features Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo.

But this isn’t the first time both bands have worked together as previously the two bands formed to create Silvertooth!

Shane Todd (Vocals) has said:

“[‘Burn It Down’] picks up right where Dead Reflection left off… It has the catchiness and riffiness of that album, but production-wise and vocally we took another progressive step in a direction we feel great about. It hits hard and tells a story but gets you straight to the point. It’s not messing around – direct and in your face.

“Once the bridge section music was completed, we could imagine Caleb’s voice working so perfectly over it – so we sent it to him and said ‘do your thing’. He sent it back and I just about fell over when I heard it.”

Check out ‘Burn It Down’ below.

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