Wage War Announce New Record, Release New Single

One of the rock worlds most anticipated 2019 record has finally been announced! The follow up to Wage War’s ‘Deadweight’ has a title, it’s ‘Pressure’ which is set to be released August 30th via Fearless Records and was produced by Drew Fulk, whose previous credits involve iDKHOW as well as Motionless In White.

Frontman Cody Quistad has shared:

We were all out of our comfort zone, which was really cool… We couldn’t just go home after the day. We all lived in the same house. It was a great opportunity for us to reconnect. We’d go to shows together, come back, and write at 2am. Los Angeles is inspiring, because there’s a youthful drive and passion. Everyone is there to chase a dream. It gives you a mindset. You talk about going to L.A. to make a record when you’re 13. It was a bucket list thing for us.

Here’s what it looks like.

01. ‘Who I Am’
02. ‘Prison’
03. ‘Grave’
04. ‘Ghost’
05. ‘Me Against Myself’
06. ‘Hurt’
07. ‘Low’
08. ‘The Line’
09. ‘Fury’
10. ‘Forget My Name’
11. ‘Take The Fight’
12. ‘Will We Ever Learn’

Check out the bands first single off the upcoming release, ‘Who I Am’ below.

Pre-orders are available via the label’s webstore, Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.

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