The Gospel Youth Announce New EP, Drop New Single

It’s a brand new era for The Gospel Youth!

They’ve just announced their return and with that comes the release of their brand new single, ‘Afloat’, their first release since their stand’alone single ‘Thoughtless’ which was released last year.

The title of the upcoming EP is named as ‘Thoughtless’ and they’re also self-releasing this!

This is also going to be the first full-length release of the band since the departure of their ex-frontman Sam Little, following allegations of misconduct last year.

But just who’s on vocals for them now?

That would be Nick Nowak, which they announced at the end of last year.

On the release of ‘Thoughtless’, the band have shared:

“this is something we’ve been sitting on for a long time and for a good reason. when this band started is was only ever about loving our music, making what WE wanted to hear. we’ve been fighting clouds of negativity that tried to change that for us for a while, because we love TGY and won’t let anyone or anything ruin what we worked so hard towards. So here’s ‘Thoughtless’, as honest as it comes, written, recorded & released by us. we hope you love it as much as it means to us.”

Check out ‘Afloat’ below.

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