Yungblud Has Recorded A Cover Which Will Feature In Hobbs & Shaw

This has just popped up out of nowhere!

Yungblud has made an appearance on the red carpet recently for the premiere of the new film, Hobbs & Shaw!

The reason being? The musician has recorded a brand new cover track for the Fast And Furious film!

It’s a cover of the Jim Croce’s 1973 track ‘Time In A Bottle’ where it’s reported that it’s played during the opening sequence music and during the credit roll.

Check it out below!

Mark Hoppus Shares The Meaning Behind Blink-182’s Upcoming Record ‘Nine’

He’s returned! The king has come back! To Reddit that is.

Mark Hoppus left his Reddit account inactive for the last few years but seemingly out of nowhere returned to the platform to directly talk to fans in the Blink-182 subreddit.

The post by Hoppus, details the reason being the record title for their upcoming release, ‘Nine’.

“‘NINE’. this is our ninth album, as decided by me and travis. some count ‘Buddha’, some not. some count ‘The Mark, Tom and Travis Show’. some count ‘Greatest Hits’. some count ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’. i’m counting ‘Buddha’, ‘Cheshire Cat’, ‘Dude Ranch’, ‘Enema Of The State’, ‘TOYPAJ’, ‘Untitled’, ‘Neighborhoods’, ‘California’, and now ‘NINE’. nine is also the number of universal love. and the number of uranus. remember to like and smash that subscribe button, or whatever it is the kids say now.”

Jonny “Itch” Fox (The King Blues) Suing Accusers Of Misconduct Allegations

After being the subject of misconduct allegations a few years ago, Jonny “Itch” Fox (The King Blues) is rs reportedly suing the accusers of the accusations against him in a multiple libel claim of up to £60,000.

The Guardian published a report where documents show that the case has now reached the high court, in which Fox alleges that the woman have individually, and as a group engaged in a “persistent campaign of harassment” in a series of online articles which were originally published in 2016.

A few months after the allegations first surfaced, Fox posted a statement of his own where he addressed the accusations against him.

Lawyers for Fox has said that the comments and actions against him had amounted to a “campaign of harassment” that was used to “cause as much damage as possible to the claimant’s reputation and music career.”

According to the reports, originally there were six defendants involved in the case, one of which who has now settled and another (whom is a former partner of Fox) has said she now suffers from mental health problems and has not responded to the claim.

Tamsin Allen, a solicitor who is representing three of the defendants in the case has said that “The women all say they are speaking the truth and doing so to protect other people. There was no organised campaign: some of them had never met each other before the case.”

You can read the full report on the submitted case and the defendants via the article published by The Guardian via the following link.

For those facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice:

Music Video Roundup 26/07/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. The first band on today’s roundup are the ever fantastic Sum 41 and their phenomenal ’45 (A Matter Of Time)’ single where it is a statement from frontman Deryck Whibley on how he feels about the current state of the world.


Moving into the glamourous Palaye Royale, they never had much time to recharge from the release of ‘Fucking With My Head’ as they immediately released ‘Nervous Breakdown’ literally a week after!


How about some Canadians next? Single Mothers have a brand new video out for ‘Metropolis (Cultivated Wasteland)’.

On the track, Drew Thomson (vocals) shared:

“It’s a collaboration between Peter Landi and myself. I had recently moved apartments and my old landlord had sold the building we lived in and kicked everyone out. There was a real estate boom and we were all seemingly in the middle of it.


Moving straight across the pond to Ireland, Fangclub has released a video for the title track of their second record, ‘Vulture Culture’.

On the record as a whole, Steven King (Vocals / Guitar) shared:

“It’s a culmination of a lot of chaos and inner mental violence which almost capsized the band. Making this record got us through the fog and we have a new lease of life. The energy is real, the chaos makes sense and the violence is fuel for the fire.”


Moving again straight across to Wales, the progressive Post-Hardcore Dream State are now a foursome as their Bassist Danny Rayer has since departed which means their latest single ‘Primrose’ which is expected to be a part of their upcoming to be announced debut record is the first release without Rayer.

On ‘Primrose’ vocalist CJ shared:

“Sometimes life will put you to the test, we can find ourselves in these cycles and they present themselves in different forms, when I thought I had broken one of mine, I found myself right back at square one, I was in pursuit of pleasure despite the negative outcomes and I found myself trapped again.

Sometimes we have to fall and fall to truly awaken and conquer our egos. There’s still so much we have to learn about ourselves and this is a chance to express my journey and open the door to anyone fighting the same demons. We want you to see that through darkness, light can be found.”


Keeping things hardcore but going a little harder, have you wondered what Ice Nine Kills are like live? Well, for this video you can! They’ve also recruited members of Reel Big Fish to help them out where the atmosphere? It’s amazing. Check out ‘IT Is The End’ below.


Switching it up to some Lo-fi Punk for Cultdreams next, this duo has a message in ‘Not My Generation” where they confront misogyny as well as right-wing politics.

Lucinda Livingstone (Vocals / Guitar) has shared:

“I see men ignore misogyny, as if it’s not their problem, to act upon their sisters when they get touched inappropriately. While everyone is still suffering, the country that we live in is fucking everything up. Politics and right-wing shit. Not letting other people in. Ignoring what matters, whilst investing in ignorance.”


Heading to the south of England now, and I mean bottom of the country Plymouth as we bring you, metalcore newcomers, Moorhaven and the bands newest single, ‘Land Of Lies’.

Lewis Garry (Guitar) shared: The message to take away is kind of that we’re all these messy, flawed, complicated, sometimes ugly, sometimes pretty people, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to have (or appear to have) a perfect life, because there will be people there for you when things get tough.”


Kentucky here we come! Not literally but this is the location of the penultimate band in the form of post-hardcore trio Too Close To Touch who’ve debuted a video for ‘F.I.N.E’, the band latest single which is the first new music since I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 1’ EP.

Lastly, Asking Alexandria. They’re back for a ride. Fans have recently been calling a phone number where cryptic teasers had everyone hearing, “The violence is coming”.

It’s here. The violence has come. This also marks the first new music for the band since the release of their 2017 self-titled record, if you don’t include acoustic versions they also released in 2018.

Check out ‘The Violence’ below.


And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.

Kevin Lyman and Talinda Bennington Are Working On A Brand New Project

It’s now been two years since the tragic passing of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. Everyone remembers where they were that day.

Now to honour the late frontman, Kevin Lyman has announced that he’s teaming up with Chesters’s wife Talinda on a new project, the 320 Project which is “a collaboration with Talinda Bennington in honour of her late husband Chester, to promote mental health awareness and resources.”

Talinda is the co-founder of 320 Chances Direction, an organisation set-up following Chester’s death that aims to educate and help friends and family members of those who are suffering with their mental health.

The idea for 320 was born out of my personal experience and the recognition that we can do better to address the needs of those who are suffering with mental health concerns and addiction,” reads Talinda’s statement on the 320 Changes Direction website. “For 13 years I watched my husband Chester struggle with depression and substance use. I often felt scared and alone. I was uneducated about the challenges he faced and I wanted information – but finding answers to my questions and available help for our family was very difficult.

We’ll have to see what this project has in store, but making this about those who need help with their mental health is only going to be a way to honour Chester’s legacy.

Blink-182 Announce New Record

We finally have something!

Blink-182 have confirmed the details of their upcoming release, which will be titled as ‘Nine’. It’s actually their eighth record but, we know what they’re doing.

Speaking to Kerrang, Mark Hoppus shared:

“After playing in this band for 27 years, I want to push it and do different things and take blink to places where we haven’t been before,” he explained. “We’re really trying to do that on the new record. We want to do with our band what we did in 2003 with Untitled, where we take our foundations and go off in completely weird directions.”

Here are the details that are available, the cover art and tracklisting.


1. The First Time
2. Happy Days
3. Heaven
4. Darkside
5. Blame It On My Youth
6. Generational Divide
7. Run Away
8. Black Rain
9. I Really Wish I Hated You
10. Pin the Grenade
11. No Heart To Speak Of
12. Ransom
13. On Some Emo Shit
14. Hungover You
15. Remember To Forget Me

Check Out This Kids Band Cover Slipknot’s ‘The Devil In I’

This is something you don’t see every day!

In this video below, you’ll see six metalheads performing Slipknot’s 2014 track ‘The Devil In I’. You might think, so what? It’s just a cover.

You’d be wrong.


The kids are told not to play Slipknot in the garage, but they’re kids. Would you expect them to listen?

The video was made by The O’Keefe Music Foundation, which is an organisation which provides young musicians the means to play and record their music.

Check the video out below.

65daysofstatic Announce New Record, ‘Replicr 2019’

The Sheffield Experimental group 65daysofstatic have announced the details of their upcoming release, which will be their seventh record and their first in six years.

‘Replicr, 2019’ is it’s title where it’s set to be released on 27th September 2019 via Superball Music.

Here’s all the details you need to know.

  1. Cover Art65daysofstatic-replicr2019.jpeg
  2. Tracklisting

01.) pretext
02.) stillstellung
03.) d|| tl | | |
04.) bad age
05.) 05|| | 1|
06.) sister
07.) gr[]v—_s
08.) popular beats
09.) five waves
10.) interference_1
11.) []lid
12.) z03
13.) u| || | th | r| d
14.) trackerplatz


3. Pre Orders

Pre-orders are available from July 26th 2019

Could Chris Cornell’s Demos Be Used By Soundgarden?

The Icons of Grunge that are Soundgarden have been doing everything they can to memorialize the late musician Chris Cornell after his passing in 2017.

Recently, Kim Thayil (Guitar) has spoken to Music Radar, discussing the material the band had been working on before Cornell’s passing, hoping to get the rights to the demos to put them to good use.

“It was demos, but the demo quality was pretty good because both Chris and Matt had become very interested in their home recording technique, so they might demo a song, and then Ben and I would add our guitars or bass. Maybe Matt might play drums to a riff that Chris had recorded. And that would be recorded by one of our engineers or techs.

This is an interesting thing: our entire backline, our guitar techs and bass techs, are all also record producers and recording engineers, so we love that they want to go on the road with us, and we love the guys in the studio with us, but the only people who do both are Nate Yaccino, Josh Evans and Dave French,” he continues. “Those guys have worked with us in the studio and onstage, and that’s a great family to have, to be involved in all aspects of a band’s career. So that will help us.

So they come and record parts that we overdub on the demos. Right now, that’s all kind of stalled. We tried to get this going two years ago, but we’re not in possession of any of the demos that Chris was working on with them. We have copies of them, but what we need are the files, so that we’d be able to overdub and finish the record. We are not in possession of those.”

Although, Kim does point out that getting permission for the demos has been a hassle: “We don’t know. We’ve asked nicely, we’ve suggested that this will benefit all parties, if the band could just have these files, and we could finish the songs we were working on. But there seems to be some confusion amongst various parties as to what that would entail and how that works, and who that would benefit. And it’s been tiring, you know. And we can’t move on until some future date when someone realizes the value of allowing the creative partners to have access to the material.”

Fingers crossed they’ll be able to settle this issue soon, because if you read about what the demos descriptions, they’re pretty amazing!

“Interestingly, there’s a psychedelic element, and there was more of a grooving, I’d say a little bit more, not ballad-y, but more guitar arpeggiations, like what you might hear on Fell On Black Days. And then we had maybe a couple of sad songs, and a couple of heavy songs that in general feel were – where we were at in the writing process – kind of mixed like King Animal, but a little bit less of the heavy stuff. But it was still interesting, still quirky stuff. Once Matt, Ben and myself get a hold of those songs and finish putting down our parts, the songs will very likely become heavier, darker and maybe a bit trippier.”

Camp Cope Announce UK Tour

The Aussie trio Camp Cope have announced they’ll be embarking on an UK tour for September 2019.

The band will be touring in support of their second record, ‘How To Socialise & Make Friends’ which was released last year.

Here are the dates.

September 2019

17th – Bristol The Exchange

18th – Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach

19th – Newcastle Star And Shadow Cinema

20th – Glasgow Slay

22nd – Leeds Brudenell Social Club

23rd – Birmingham Hare & Hounds

24th – London Islington Assembly Hall

25th – Manchester Gorilla

26th – Nottingham Metronome

28th – Brighton The Haunt

29th – Southampton Heartbreakers