Ryan Seaman Posts Statement To Clarify His Role In iDKHOW

In a statement to address his role within iDKHOW, Ryan Seaman has used the power of Twitter to tell everyone just what he does.

The tweet he posted was addressing a publication which referred to him as iDKHOW’s “touring drummer”, parallel to a press release sent by iDKHOW’s team about their latest video, ‘Social Climb’.

Ryan’s full statement can be read below.

“I need to address something to you all: I tweeted something yesterday, which I have since regretted. I am absolutely a member of the LIVE band – which I guess would make me in fact the touring drummer. iDKHOW is a HUGE part of my life, but is, and always has been, Dallon’s vision.

Although my input is needed at times in the band, he writes the songs, the lyrics and even designs most of the merchandise iDKHOW has put out.

There might be times where I go off and do my own thing while he is writing / designing / being a visionary, but then I’d come back to track drum parts in the studio or when there’s a tour.

Just so there’s no confusion, I do feel very much a part of iDKHOW. I’m not going anywhere and I love our fans, and am so proud of that! I love Dallon and playing shows for you guys very much!

I never really thought about it in this way before, and I am so grateful that all of you have jumped to my defence, we truly have the best fans and smartest in the world.

But if truth be told, and having had a chance to find out what happened: Basically, our own team sent out a press release for the ‘Social Climb’ video identifying me as ‘the tour drummer’. I’m the touring drummer, which the magazine which called me a ‘touring drummer’ was not wrong…

I am SO stoked with all the love on the ‘Social Climb’ video. That was such a fun video to shoot, I am glad you guys are enjoying. PS: 90k+ views and counting! Thanks for reading and see you on the road!”


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