Live Review: Talk More @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Red Yeti, Beth McCarthy, Saytr Play

Date: 22/06/19

The Fulford Arms. I haven’t been here in a little while and I’ve missed this place. But tonight, I’ve opted for a gig a little outside my comfort zone in Indie Rockers Talk More, a new band to the scene who have a lot of potential from the outlook of this gig. This was their first headlining show for York in what will certainly be a long line of upcoming shows. With a good mix of local artists, Red Yeti and Beth McCarthy were both on hand as support, while the heavier and rhythmic Satyr Play (From Manchester) also supported the newcomers.

Red Yeti were the debut performers on the night. I’ll say this about them, they were quite interesting to watch but from this interest, I think they’ll gather a little bit of criticism because they didn’t particularly stand out to everyone in the room and it’s sometimes hard to distinguish this from bands who have a little bit of shyness about them. It’s when they went a little faster in the tempo of their tracks, the atmosphere changed a little and there, it garnered more interest from the people in the room.

You can listen to their ‘Summer Life’ EP below.

Up next to grace the stage was Beth McCarthy. She’s been a little quiet on the scene as of late, mostly because she’s been busy with other ventures including with BBC Radio. However, it’s always a pleasure to see Beth perform because she is an artist that nobody ever tires of watching as she’s always reinventing herself to allow her room to grow in this ever-changing field of music. I do have to say hearing ‘Wildfire’ in a more intimate setting such as The Fulford Arms was a welcomed treat as well because with everyone joining in mixed with Beth’s signature on-stage banter with the crowd is just something that has to be experienced. ‘The old Beth is dead’ is something which the crowds have heard a few times now, but she does embody the old Beth for ‘Mr Cliché’, something if older fans of hers have heard before, is fantastic on the ear because it’s these tracks we just long to hear once again.

Check out Beth’s video for ‘Wildfire’ below.


Turning things to eleven from the start of the final support act were the infectious Manchester hailing Saytr Play. They seemed as if they were a crossbreed of genres in all honestly, from Glam rock where you might find Steel Panther and a little more Indie Rock for other tracks but honestly, that just made them all the more glorious to watch. The standout tracks for these examples would be ‘Mothers Love’ and ‘Don’t Go East’. and you can tell from their guitar sections, this is something that needs to be different in order for them to be a standout band, where in fact this isn’t the only reason they grab your attention right from the start of their set. What should be commented on is the chemistry the members of the band have between each other because for a lot of bands I go to see live, only a few actually interact with each other on stage and in this society of performers, it’s something which I’m applauding.

Check out Saytr Plays video for ‘Fragile’ below.

Now, most new bands onto the scene when they headline a show, they only just manage to stick the landing, not Talk More, they not only exceeded my expectations, they might just well be the most exciting thing to come out of York in a while now.

As the band take to the stage, from the start the band let us know that they mean business. You can forgive their lack of experience for being new but the quality of their sound and musicianship of the group shines aplenty.

There was a little bit of a disaster though their set when their guitarists strap, unfortunately, broke mid-song which resulted in him having to adjust the microphone quickly and have him hunched over as if he was Gollum from Lord Of The Rings but even through this, he did power through wherein the end. Fair to say though, this didn’t put anyone off their performance and this to me is a good sign of quality for the band not to be deterred.

From what I saw, it’s Talk More 1-0 York for this set and hopefully, we’ll hear all the material heard on the night and more in the coming months. I predict massive things for this band and in case you haven’t heard of them before, you will soon!

The gallery for the gig will be within a separate post to this which can be viewed through the following link.

Check out their tracks ‘Planned Flights’ and ‘Heart Again’ below.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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