I’m Back (Just Not Yet)

Hey everyone,

It’s been roughly 3-4 months since I last posted on here. So I’ll catch everyone up on things. Firstly, when my MacBook broke down I immediately took it into my local Storefront, (as far as I’m aware an Apple retailer who’re able to sell apple products without having advertising the Apple name in their title) From there I waited roughly two weeks only for them to say to me they wanted about £1.2 Thousand off me to repair yet they weren’t telling my what the actual damage to the computer was, just a list of the parts. True, I’m interested in what parts are damaged but their service is a little lacking in communication if they don’t actually tell me what’s wrong with the product.

So after a little wait to actually get the device back off of Stormfront, I went to a local repair shop, which is what you expect, fantastic customer service, people who know what they’re dong and everyone doing something important that regular people such as myself can only comprehend. I mean, they were fixing just about every Games Console, Laptop and Gadget you could think of, all to help the consumer that really fucked up their life as a result of them braking things but as supply and demand would have it, I was that idiot that needed their help at that time. Don’t get me wrong, what I think they do is amazing, I just wish I knew about half of the things they did, it looked incredible.

So, I took my device to this place, they said they’d have it ready within a few weeks and with a little wait time, they said there was water damage. I mean, it took two trips to two different places for one place to diagnose it! I wish I came to this place first, that way I’d have an answer into just what the fuck was wrong. So they opened everything up, told me it would cost X amount to fix and hopefully everything would be okay right? Wrong. It turned out the damage was a little more extensive than I first thought. Basically the Motherboard, which for all the noobs who don’t know anything about computers, is that is the brains of the computer was all in senses fucked. They said I could try and find the specific model but that might not even make it work which left me with two choices. It was roughly £500 to replace it and even then there was no guarantee unless something else was wrong with my Laptop or I could search for another one, so I chose the later. That kinda sucked but it was the better to an alternative in waiting to see what happened.

From there, we fast forward roughly two weeks to the finalising of the new computer sale. I decided to not go for another laptop but I know I wanted something which would do the job and be reliable. This meant a meticulous research to just what I wanted and something within my budget where I was up to all hours seeing what there was in Desktops. In the end, I decided to go with a 2019 4k IMac with just one difference, changing the RAM to 16GB so it’s all beefed up to all my editing needs, there was just one catch, it was a 4-6 week delivery period. So that brings me to today with he Just Not Yet part of the title. It’s not here yet. I went into the store the other day and hopefully it’ll be with me soon. The reason they said it takes 4-6 weeks to arrive is because they have to make it from scratch in the USA. At least it’ll be on its way to my quick.