Live Review: Indoor Pets @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: The Hubbards, Orchards

Date: 27/01/20

It’s the start of independent venue week in York and of course, I’m over at The Fulford Arms. It’s sort of my second home and when you’ve got a stacked lineup such as this, it’s often hard to say no when you can just feel the energy in the air.

Now first off were The Hubbards. All I’ll say is that the audience didn’t react to this band particularly well at all. I don’t know if it was because the came off a little cocky and smug but there was just something that didn’t resonate with the audience on the night. You have to give them points for trying, pulling out some good material which toward the end of the set did show signs of them turning around but not in the time needed.

The Hubbards
The Hubbards

Moving to Orchards, this went down a lot better in fact. More people came a little closer but did move back a touch, only because of vocalist Lucy Evers kick routine which seemed to go down like clockwork from track to track. What’s more, is that this seemed to be one well-oiled machine where everyone just seemed to riff off each other perfectly. This is one band I’ve waited a long time to see and based off of this performance, I’m glad I did because this was just near perfect where you have to have confidence such as theirs to give off what they were doing. The ball was well and truly rolling now.


All I can say is that Indoor Pets. Wow. The roar of the crowd combined with their on-stage energy, I’m surprised how they didn’t make more room for themselves because from my viewpoint, they felt trapped on the stage but that just seemed to bundle up their energy, even more, to witness possibly one of the best sets of the decade so far.

Indoor Pets
Indoor Pets
Indoor Pets

This is where Indie Rock music is at its finest because for one, you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of this band. Time and time again, you just want to hear more off them to where you’re just captivated by everything that you hear. It’s the sort of band which comes along once in a while that translates well over from the record to live performance where the indie part of them just doesn’t hold back to give what is a fantastic performance. ‘Dopamine Girls’ was one of their brand new additions they decided to pull out of the bag whereas finishing on ‘Pro Procrastinator’ just falls into the realm of obvious choice to end on but when they actually finished, I have to say it didn’t seem as if they had fully finished. That’s the trick though, always leave them wanting more.


Rating: 6/10

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