Live Review: Talk More @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Red Yeti, Pavilion, Kit Trigg

Date: 24/01/20

The Kings & Queen of the Indie scene in York come back to smash a packed out show at the Fulford Arms, York.

With Red Yeti kicking the evening off, this band had possibly the best reception to them that I’ve seen so far which is amazing to see because it gives them the recognition that they finally deserve. What was the main difference though? I think it has to do with the bands that they’re playing alongside this time because the audience was a lot more receptive to ’19’ and ‘Alyssa’ which gave them a huge confidence boost. With them focusing on the more dancy tunes as well, this can only mean great things for the up and comers and I can’t wait to see more from them in 2020.

Red Yeti
Red Yeti

What’s great is the musician differential sounds between the bands in Yorks music scene. It’s one that’s vibrant which everyone can lose themselves in and Pavilion are one of those. ‘Tales From The South’, which was released in December 2019 just shows what the band is capable of and cements them as to what band they want to be. The obvious connection is possibly Oasis and all the same sounding Indie Genre bands but what’s making Pavilion any different? It has to be down to their spirituality and attitude which speaks on behalf of their music and their performances which you’ll see time and time again. Take ‘Nevada Queen’, it’s a vast difference to anything they’ve done before in my eyes and you can most definitely make that out from their performances on stage.


Now Kitt Trigg. This is usually performed with about two or three other people but it was a solo set from Kit this evening. All I have to say about this voice, in particular, is that he has the voice of an angel. Possibly, the best I have heard in a long time. Topped off with a guitar, you think you’ve seen this before, just not in this way. I think it was partly to do with Kitt’s Charisma because there was just something about him where you just wanted him to perform more and more. You’re hearing a true artist here because every track you heard if you haven’t heard it before makes you feel as if you’re hearing it for the first time and I hope this is the first of many performances I’ll be hearing of this act.

Kitt Trigg
Kitt Trigg

Talk More are one of York’s finest emerging talent. They’ve played the Fulford Arms once or twice before I believe but with everyone coming in so early, I was left wondering if this was actually going to be a sold-out performance but if it wasn’t this time, it certainly was going to be the next on their bucket list, (apart from their opening slot for King No-One on 23rd April at Headrow House, Leeds). This was a chance to see what’s actually changed since their last performing slots and quite a bit has changed. Their stage gear houses a few more lights now, a lot cooler and calming blues (if my memory is correct) but their sound and performances are just a lot better, with the added light show from the audience at the end of their set.

Talk More
Talk More
Talk More
Talk More

Their music though, it’s got a lot more exciting to see, especially with ‘From Rosaline’ as this sounds a lot more punchier than ‘Planned Fights’ which is one of their original releases in 2019. If anything’s to be taken away as well, the unit of the band seems to be a lot stronger this time around to 2019 as they were getting comfortable being together on stage, now they’ve cemented just what will happen as they continue to work together and continue to make some standout performances in 2020.



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