Live Review: Kill The Silence @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Refryn, My Wonderful Daze

Date: 30/01/20

Back to the Fulford Arms for Independent Venue Week. I’m halfway through Independent Venue Week and so far, it has certainly been a good year. There’s been some venues I love and I’ve still got a few more shows and plenty of bands to look forward to.

Originally this was meant to be The Virginmary’s headlining show but due to illness, they had to drop out of this show. Kill The Silence, a post-hardcore group from the Yorkshire area were able to step in at the last moment as headliners.

First on were Redfryn, a group whom has performed around York for the last year but their roots do trace into the scene for far longer. They were able to unleash their hard rock tones straight into the audience. This is a group I’ve become acquainted with hearing live over the last few months and I’m glad they’re a part of the scene we have in the city.

The three-piece work together in a steady melody but I do wish a few more people were able to come down because its artists such as Redfryn who are enjoyable to watch. I just hope more people appreciate their melting pot of musical talent because it’s one that can’t be missed in 2020.


My Wonderful Daze was in to help amp up the grunge just when it was needed, minus all of the SFX from their previous headlining show. I say that because I’m positive there was a fake heart or sweet being devoured by their vocalist Chloe and honestly, you just never know what is going to be happening in this camp.

This is another band which is at the heart of the York scene and one you can see regularly if you’re looking in the correct place. What’s more, is that they’re always giving off the best performances and tonight was no exception either, especially when it comes to their lighting. Has Halloween come early? What do you think?

My Wonderful Daze
My Wonderful Daze
My Wonderful Daze
My Wonderful Daze

Finally, Kill The Silence on the headlining act tonight. This does also act as a single release show (unofficially I’d say because they just released a brand new single, ‘The Design’, a few days after this performance’. I’ve heard a few friends hype them up beforehand and I have to say don’t underestimate the Post-hardcore world. Don’t you dare because from what I’ve seen of recent, there have been more enjoyable performances from this genre of bands over another mainly because the energy they give off when performing and when that happens, it just makes it all the more enjoyable for us top off an entertaining night.

I’m just hoping they can keep the momentum of their performances going moving into the new decade because you can’t root this band and with their past experiences opening up for the more mainstream bands, you’ll hear more from Kill The Silence very soon.

Kill The Silence
Kill The Silence
Kill The Silence
Kill The Silence

Rating: 6/10

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