Live Review: Roam @ Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough

Support: Motherland, Northshore

Pop Punk for the North East. It’s been a while since I’ve seen some energy at a show in Middlesbrough but with it being Independent Venue Week, it seems as if this is the perfect show with their emerging talent.

Up first where Motherland. This was a first for myself as I wanted their personality to come across in their performance, sometimes the best way to discover a band for the first time and I was right. Straight from the start, they just knocked it out of the park and went absolutely crazy to the point of which I thought that it was a performance I wouldn’t forget anytime soon. What’s more is that after on the train journey home, I had a little listen to Motherland and honestly what I hard didn’t translate over and I think this is their live persona in the way that they put themselves forward and allowed themselves to be lost. They were more alternative in the music but old fashioned energetic rock and alternative in their live performances.


Northshore next. I’ve watched and photographed them for a little while now but I will say this. They have really buckled down and refined their sound to be giving off better live performances than where they were a year ago. It was roughly a year ago that their EP, ‘For What It’s Worth’ was released and the traces of their performances have been embedded there but now moving on, they’re ready to be doing better and if it’s any indication, if they can produce this feeling at their shows all the time, then they won’t have a problem getting out to more people in the scene.


Superlove was scheduled as the main support for this show, however, the band had to pull out due to illness.

This show was just full of energy from the start and it’s thanks to the support bands, Motherland and Northshore that the only wish I had was that there was more momentum which could’ve produced some stage dives. There wasn’t a need for any pits as the fast of Roam’s setlist tracks proved to be a huge hit, especially coming from their older debut record tracks.


One thing about Roam I’ve always admired is how authentic they are. I remember an interview I had with Alex Adam around two years ago that they changed their sound in how they were able to get the tracks to sound and looking across to their latest record, ‘Smile Wide’ to their live performances now, that is one thing they seem to have attempted to tune which they seem to nearly be able to have all set. But it’s their determination and the range they give with the performances that make them the band they are.

Looking back on this show though, I do think the sound quality could’ve been improved slightly because some the vocals from Alex Costello were a little muffled to the point of asking if people could actually understand him at times. It wasn’t until hand grenade came on that Alex Adam’s were just that tiny bit better and a lot cleaner in my opinion.



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