BrewDog & Lamb Of God Team Up To Release Non-Alcoholic Beer

The heavy metal giants known as Lamb Of God have teamed up with the Scottish brewery and pub chain BrewDog to create a brand new non-alcoholic beer called ‘Ghost Walker’.

The drink is the world’s first non-alcoholic collaboration beer, with less than 0.5% alcohol. The Tropical aromas harmonise with grassy, pine notes, all sitting on a solid malt baseline.

The beer is also named after one of the bands popular track, ‘Ghost Walking’ which is off the 2012 record, ‘Resolution’. Coincidentally Randy Blythe (vocals) wrote the lyrics as he started to work towards an alcohol-free lifestyle.

The drink is available to purchase now to ship anywhere in the world via BrewDog’s official website and will later be available to gig-goers in attendance for Lamb Of God shows in North America and the EU once the coronavirus quarantine measures have been lifted and touring can resume again

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