Machine Gun Kelly First Met Twenty One Pilots Whilst “Peeing Into A Trash Can”

Okay, I was reading some different news stories this morning when I came across one I knew I had to share. Brace, yourselves, this is both amazing and hilarious.

Machine Gun Kelly has recently shared in a chat with Alternative Press that he first met Twenty One Pilots whilst he was “peeing in a trash can” at one of his shows.

MGK was talking in a discussion with Chris Webby and Pete Davidson on a live-streamed show in celebration of 4/20 when he told the story.

He shared:

“You know what’s funny, I actually did this. The first time I ever met Twenty One Pilots was peeing in a trash can during a show,” he remembered

“The guy comes up to me and he like comes up and we exchanged some tense words and shit where he was like, ‘I’m coming for your spot’ back when [Twenty One Pilots] were opening for us or whatever. I just remember pissing in a trash can and I was like, ‘Fuck this guy’ [laughs].”

He added: “We’re both from Ohio and long story short, years later we saw each other at the top and see each other at house parties and it’s all good times.”

This has to be one of the best stories that I have ever heard in my life.

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