Darko Detail Debut EP, ‘Dethmask’

They only formed a few weeks ago, but the supergroup duo now known as Darko have enough material ready for their debut EP, ‘Dethmask’.

This duo consists of Emmure drummer Josh “Baby J” Miller and Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber.

No release date for the EP has been confirmed but the cover artwork, tracklisting and streaming of the singles, ‘Devine Void’ and ‘Elctric Body’ can be streamed below.

01.) Get G00d
02.) deth msk
03.) the obsrvr
04.) Elctric body
05.) the tresur
06.) (Devine Void)
07.) Recolektion

Here’s the fourth track in the EP, ‘Elctric Body’.

And below is ‘(Devine Void)’.

Pre-orders are expected to be available soon.

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