Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Are Working On New Music

During the online festival Fearless At Home over the course of last weekend, the French Post-Hardcore / Pop-Punk band known as Chunk! No, Captain Chunk have shared the new that they’re working on new music.

Bert Poncet (vocals) shared a statement during the broadcast, saying they’re “currently and actively” working on new music.

“I know we’ve been silent for a while now, but, first of all, I would like to disprove rumours that the band broke up or whatever, because we never did, so that’s one thing. Also, I would like to thank our fans for sticking around. We’re very lucky and very proud to have such a great supportive community of fans. That’s truly amazing, guys, so thank you, thank you for that. The truth is, we miss playing shows and I am very sad we had to cancel our participation in the few festivals we had planned this year, because of the virus obviously, but I promise we will make up for that.

Also, I have big news, and I am incredibly excited to share with you that we are currently and actively working on new material that will probably be released later this year. Mark my words, guys, it’s going to be huge, so stay tuned.”

Fearless At Home can still be viewed on Youtube via the following link.

More details surrounding the new material from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! will be confirmed at it’s developed.

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