Broadside Announce New Record, ‘Into The Raging Sea’

Virginia rockers Broadside have confirmed the details of their upcoming third studio record, ‘Into The Raging Sea’, which is the follow up to their 2017 effort, ‘Paradise’.

The news of the upcoming release follows their signing to SharpTone Records which will be released on July 24th 2020.

On the announcement, frontman Ollie Baxxter says:

“The album came out like magic,”. “I’m not trying to impress or keep up with the hype. I wasn’t under any pressure. We just wrote an album without knowing what it would turn into. All of the people I’ve idolized always say songs just flowed out of them, not because they wanted them to necessarily, but because they had to. Up until recently, that didn’t feel realistic for me. I didn’t think I was capable of creating art with that pureness of spirit.”

He adds: “From the very beginning, my attitude was: I don’t have shit to look forward to and everything behind me is trash, so I’m going to make myself the hero of my own story. I’ve always known struggle. As I get older, it’s more mental than physical, but it’s always there. I’m going to keep this thing going. And right now, I’m on a high.”

In celebration of the announcement of the new record, the band have shared the lead single, ‘The Raging Sea’.

“‘The Raging Sea’ is about the pressure of accepting your own reality,” Baxxter shares. “Admittedly, there were months where Broadside felt like a sinking ship. I carried the weight of fear around with me everywhere. After every tour, after smaller than expected record sales, and in every conversation. I was afraid that at any moment, it could all be over and my dream would be stolen from me.

“Over-thinker, they called me,” he continues. “I allowed myself to unwind into a spiraling fear of rejection because I felt the pressure of someone else’s paycheck. In all my years of gripping at my dreams, I had allowed myself to become a small chunk of change for someone else. Someone who did not care what happened to me in the end. I don’t recommend drowning to anyone, but while I was down there I learned something about myself. I learned that carrying around all that extra weight was only dooming me to one outcome. So I let it go.”

You can listen to ‘The Raging Sea’ as well as the second track off the record, ‘Foolish Believer’ below and check out the cover artwork, full track lsiting and pre-order options.

01.) The Raging Sea
02.) Foolish Believer
03.) Overdramatic
04.) Nights Alone
05.) Heavenly
06.) Clarity
07.) Dancing On The Ceiling (With You)
08.) Seasons
09.) Breathe You In
10.) The Setting Sun
11.) Burning At Both Ends

Pre-orders are available via Amazon, Itunes and Google Play.

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