Within Temptation Tease New Music

It’s not been long since Within Temptation released their latest single, ‘Entertain You’ but recently, the band have said new music could be on the way soon.

In an interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio, Sharon Den Adel (Vocals) was asked if the band plan to release anything new before the coronavirus pandemic is over where she responded:

“I think so. That’s our plan, anyway. We’ve only recorded two songs and have a lot of of the demos, which are very far, so we can finish them quite quickly.”

She continues: “We’re going to start with that and make those demos real songs, and eventually next year, we’re going to release a few new songs again. Eventually there will be a new album, but the album isn’t complete yet, so we have to start writing some extra new songs to make the album complete.”

FIngers crossed when that Co-Headlining tour with Evanescence happens, we can hear some of this!

You can listen to the full interview with Anne and Sharon below.

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