Caleb Shomo: “This Is The Heaviest Record”

There’s been some teasing on Beartooth’s part. After sharing a snippet of new music the other month, frontman Caleb Shomo has revealed that there’s more “heavy-duty shit” to come on the next record.

But in case you’re wondering when it’s going to be, I’m going to guess at least a year for the record to be released as the band are still in writing mody and only recently sent in the first draft of the follow up but they have told Knotfest that “the record is going very, very well so far” – even going as far as to call this his “best work”.

In an Interview with Blabbermouth, he says:

“Everything is amped up to 11. I am so, so pumped. Obviously, this is what you wanna think when you’re making a record, but damn, this is the best one yet. Not even close. This is the heaviest record. This is my best work – the most proud I’ve been of these songs. It’s wild. It’s some heavy-duty shit.”

Shomo continues comparing that “if Disease was AC/DC, this record is Black Sabbath”.

“It’s a lot more influenced in dark stoner rock, heavy power groove,” he elaborates. “Obviously, there’s still a lot of fast [stuff] and some punk rock and all that, but I’ve really been exploring with the stoner metal side of guitars and guitar tones and doing different tunings and lots of fuzz and chaos and layering the fuck out of my guitar tracks.

“The whole point, for me, of this mix and the sonics of this record is as big and loud and fucking sonically devastating as I can possibly get it. So on a breakdown, for example, where on Disease it would just be left guitar, right guitar, bass down the middle, this is literally… That little clip I posted [on Instagram ] is I think eight guitars, three bass tracks. Just experimenting – just doing dumb stoner shit and just trying my fucking best. Yeah, that’s the goal – is just sonic devastation, for sure.”

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