Taylor Momsen Says New Pretty Reckless Record To Be Released In 2021

Previously stated as not knowing when The Pretty Reckless’s long awaited upcoming new record, ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ will be released into the world, don’t be excited if you think you’re getting it in 2020.

Though Momsen promised new music is on the way, when asked on the Daryyl Talks To Bands podcast,

“The album is still coming in 2021, right?” she responds, “It is. It is a very weird thing to be releasing music right now. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to put music out into the world at any time, but certainly releasing music in these very unprecedented times is a bit scary.”

She continues: “It’s very weird to release music and not be able to back it up with a tour – the circle doesn’t feel complete until you get to play the songs live.

“…I think we’re doing the same thing that a lot of bands are doing – we’re just kind of waiting and observing and trying to see where this is gonna go; these are such unprecedented times. So it’s kind of a little bit of a waiting game right now, so we don’t have a specific release date. But I couldn’t wait forever to put out music, hence the first single. We continued with that plan.”

Excitingly, though, Taylor adds: “And there’s gonna be many more singles before the full album, so there’s gonna be much more music coming your way – just not the full shebang till a little bit later.”

Though we know is so up-in-the-air at the moment, one thing we do already know is that Death By Rock And Roll is set to feature some pretty epic and larger than life guests on the release: Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil on the song Only Love Can Save Me Now, and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello on a track titled And So It Went.

You can listen to Taylor Momsen’s interview below.

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