Boston Manor To Host Virtual Art Show

Boston Manor have announced the details of an upcoming virtual art show, ‘Poetry & Soil’, which is based around their latest record, ‘GLUE’.

The show will compromise of artwork by Benjamin Liever, who created the ‘GLUE’ cover art, Polygon – who worked on the music video for ‘Liquid’, Production Company Big Giant’s Character work and storyboarding for the animated video of ‘Plasticine Dreams’ and images of the band’s US tour photographer Danny DeRusso.

A short documentary on the creation of the record to watch as well.

The band explain:

“We had planned initially to do this art show as a live event in London set over a weekend prior to the album release.

Due to Covid 19 this was not possible; instead we decided to recreate the show online. The show also features a 20 minute documentary “A Short Film About GLUE”.

The film documents the year the band spent making the record. This show will be completely free but available for a limited time.”

Check out the following link for more information.

The band are also encouraging fans to send in their own art to be included in the exhibition. Any submissions, both band related and not, can be sent to

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