Bearings Announce New Record, ‘Hello, It’s You’

It’s those breakthrough Canadians we just can’t get enough of in Bearings in the post today as they have finally announced they are releasing their second record, which is the follow up to their 2018 debut effort, ‘Blue In The Dark’.

Set to be released on November 20th via Pure Noise Records, the band have released the first track ‘Sway’ which Doug Cousins talks about below.

“Sway is a tongue in cheek track about someone who thinks they are way too damn cool.

“The song came about pretty quickly and once we got going with it, we knew it was going to be the first single we wanted everyone…. we wanted something everyone could move to. Something with a raw dose of energy.”

The Cover Art, Tracklisting, Streaming of ‘Sway’ and Pre-Order options are available to view below.

01. Better Yesterday
02. Sway
03. Super Deluxe
04. So Damn Wrong
05. Lovely Lovely
06. Love Me Like You Did
07. Over Now
08. Dreams
09. I Feel It All
10. Transient Colours

Pre-orders are available via Pure Noise’s Webstore and Google Play.

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