Crown The Empire & Volumes Are Teaming Up For A Full Production Livestream Show

Gigs might not be back fully yet but there’s a full production shows coming our way as Crown The Empire and Volumes have teamed up for a brand new livestream show!

The two acts will perform The Battle of Los Angeles – a multi-camera, full production performance – on 16th October, streamed from 7PM (New York) / 4PM (Los Angeles) / Midnight (London).

“It’s going to feel amazing to shake off the rust from being quarantined and show-less for so long,” says Crown the Empire singer Andy Leo. “We’ve never tried anything like this before but we’re going to have a lot of fun and we hope the fans can enjoy from home! Grateful for the team behind us that can make this happen.”

“This year has been a rollercoaster for Volumes, so it feels amazing that we have the opportunity to be able to play live together in such a new format and experience,” adds Volumes vocalist Michael Barr. “We feel so lucky to be able to still do what we love, which is connect with our fans even in such a bizarre times. Thank you to Shelter Music Group and Fearless Records for being in our corner and most importantly our fans for sticking by us through thick and thin.”

Tickets are on sale now via the following link.

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