Attack Attack! Share New Teaser For Track, ‘All My Life’

Well, I’m just not sure what to make of this.

Following the rumors of a reunion, Attack Attack! have shared a taste of their first new material in eight years.

The track, ‘All My Life’ is set to e released on December 7th 2020 but there is currently no word on if this is going to be part of an EP or a Full Length Record.

In addition, we have no idea what the reformed line-up for the band will look like but both Caleb Shomo (Beartooth) and Guitarist/ Vocalist (Bilmuri) have both publicly confirmed they’re not involved.

On thier newly created Instagram account, they’re only following a handful of account, of which includes Andrew Wetzel (Drums) and Andrew Whiting (Guitar) whom were both members of the band in its final line-up prior to their brake up on 2013.

Other accounts being followed are Cameron Perry (Traitors), Christopher Parketny (Nine Shrines), and Jay Miller (Drudge), which suggests that they are also involved.

Check out the teaser for ‘All My Life’ below.

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