Yungblud Launches New Podcast

After the announcement a few weeks back, Yungblud has released the first episode of his Radio 1 Podcast.

It’s set to be released every Thursday, The Yungblud Show will see Dom speak to a different young person about subjects affecting them. This could range from gender to sexuality to friendships and mental health.

The first episode features Ashley from Glasgow who discusses fluid sexuality and when people try and define you y your sexuality.

On Ashley, Dom says:

“Where I was from it was such a strange thing to be open about your sexuality. I was from Doncaster and it was so like, not talked about… it’s so bizarre to me, the way that society placed that boundary on everyone’s sexuality and how our generation just kind of smashed it to pieces, ripped it apart and threw it in the bin and then set the bin on fire. That was so amazing to me.

“Especially since I got famous, people were just like, ‘What are you? What are you? Tell us what you are.’ I don’t know because like, I would meet boys and be like ‘Oh my… I wanna rip your clothes off and kiss you’, but I’d never kind of experienced that or felt like that towards someone else either. It’s just so interesting to me that before our generation took a stand against this, it was so scary to just be what you are and exist in this sense of fluidity and freedom and expression. It’s kind of crazy that it’s 2020 and we’ve just kind of got here.”

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