Single Review – De’Borah Powell & The Benefactors – ‘Love Can’t Be Controlled’

It’s Monday! Time for something fresh! So there’s a new artist whose track I was sent and this ia one you really need to be sitting down for.

UK-based singer/songwriter De’Borah Powell is reintroducing herself to her fans with a new collective ‘De’Borah Powell and The Benefactors’ after a 5-year hiatus that allowed her to craft a new sound. Her single ‘Love Can’t Be Controlled’, set to be released on November 20th, showcases a powerful and charismatic performance from the lead singer, accompanied by her musicians.
The hypnotising repetitive lyrics echo as positive mantras to hold on to, when facing challenges in one’s love life. This indie rock-infused track was recorded and produced by De’Borah herself during the first lockdown. Always challenging herself, this experience honed her musical skills, pushing her to work with her band virtually to record the drum, electric guitar, keys and string parts.

Speaking of the song, the British singer-songwriter states : ‘I wrote this song at the end of a prolonged season of unrequited love. At the time I was feeling offended that things hadn’t gone the way I thought they should, and wanted to control and manipulate the outcome. So the lyrics express the fact that whether love is requited or not (or turns out the way you think) hold on to it lightly, don’t operate from a place of control/entitlement but of openness – because that’s what love is in the end – an openness to life, possibility and believing the best of every person or situation.’

After attending The BRIT School in 2008, De’Borah began publicly performing. It was here that the Croydon-born artist gained the opportunity and experiences to explore her innate love for words and melodies that had materialised at a young age. In the years that followed, De’Borah released 4 EPs and performed extensively as a solo acoustic act, gracing venues such as the Jazz Café, Fairfield Halls, Southbank Centre and festivals including Greenbelt, Secret Garden Party and Wilderness.
Inspired by musicians such as John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Alicia Keys and Keane,
De’Borah’s initial sound was also recognised by BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 6
and Radio X.

Today, De’Borah Powell and The Benefactors present a philosophy that fuses composing and performance with values of friendship and community. A strong multi-layered sound fueled by heartfelt lyrics that is sure to conquer the hearts of many.

Listen to ‘Love Can’t Be Controlled’ below.

Starting off with Rock vibes and delving into something a little more Blue-sy and moulding a simple message for the times, this is one that everyone needs to be hearing right now. This is a track that you just need to be listening to for the first time sitting down with a cup of tea where you can’t help but smile. It’s what the brain and you mood really needs and I say, when more material is here, I’ll certainly be listening to the music. Lastly, it’s one that live I can imagine in a really chilled out space but one that is infinitely more powerful given the layers you hear.

Rating: 3.5/5

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