Could Festivals And Big Shows Return After Easter In The UK?

Could Gigs and Festivals return after Easter in the UK? The signs are on the up after UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said life could return back to normal by April. The comments came as he spoke on a Covid-19 vaccination program that could start as early as next month, following the development and successful trailers of vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford University.

“The bulk of the vaccine rollout programme will be in January, February, March, and we hope that some time after Easter things will be able to start to get back to normal,” he told BBC Breakfast.

The goverment have ordered 100 million doeses of the Oxford vaccine subjec to being approved for public use, as well as 40 million of the Pfizer jab.

In terms of what this means for shows and touring, it’s a massive game changer for a lot of large shows such as Guns N’ Roses and Green Day as well as a lot of festivals returning just in time for the season next summer.

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