Nails Part Ways With Drummer Taylor Young & Bassist John Gianelli

US heavy hitters Nails have had a major shift in their own lineup, as it has been announced that Drummer Taylor Young and Bassist John Gianelli have departed from the band.

Young announced his exit from the band yesterday, issuing a statement via his Instagram account which you can read below.

“Here we have my first and final recorded contribution to Nails. The 10th anniversary version of ‘Unsilent Death’ is out now on Southern Lord Records featuring two previously unreleased songs, as well as the Obscene Humanity 7″ remixed and remastered with those two songs.

The band and I parted ways this past spring, and I played my final show with the band last December. I’ll always be a TYRANT; the band will always be a massive part of me, and I hope it keeps going. If anybody has an inkling of a feeling that Nails can’t make good music without me, that’s simply not true as Todd’s attention to detail, and quality control is unmatched. It was a wild decade with Todd, John, Saba, Leon and others and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Soon after, Bassist John Gianelli also confirmed his departure rom the band in a very brief statement.

“To all my fans across the world that have been wondering, I parted ways too. #classiclineup”

At the time of writing, there is no word on replacements or the current status of the band.

More details will be confirmed as they develop.

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