Sam Fender Launches Petition For Phone Helplines To Be Made Free For The Vulnerable

Sam Fender has launched a petition calling on all UK councils to drop the phone charges for helplines for the most vulnerable members of society.

This comes after the North East musician learned that four of the seven councils that serve his local community impose 40p per minute call charges.

Taking to Twitter, he said: “To me this makes absolutely no sense, it’s completely scandalous. We shouldn’t be charging people 40 pence per minute.

“We’ve all been on helplines before, you can be stuck on these things for God knows how long. Half an hour will equate to 12 quid and if you’re skint and you’re homeless, or on the brink of being homeless 12 quid is a lot of money.”

More than 100,000 signatures are needed for the petition to be considered for debate in Parliament. You can sign the petition here.

Currently the petition at the time of writing is at 9,235 signatures.

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