Bring Me The Horizon’s Live At The Royal Albert Hall To Go On Streaming Services Tomorrow

We’ve been getting so much new music from favourites Bring Me The Horizon lately with the release of the amazing Post Human: Survival Horror EP, and the band are keeping it coming with the release of Live At The Royal Albert Hall on Streaming Services.

The sheffield rockers second live LP will be available digitally from December 18th 2020, with it being released initially on CD, Vinyl, DVD, Blu Ray and Digital Download.

The record captures the band at the show on April 22nd 2016.

The concert was for Teenage Cancer Trust with BMTH joining with the Parallax Orchestra conducted by Simon Dobson for a one of a kind set.

Here’s the full tracklisting.

1. Intro (Overture: At the Earth’s Curve)/Doomed (intro composed by Simon Dobson)
2. Happy Song
3. Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake
4. Avalanche
5. It Never Ends
6. Sleepwalking
7. Empire (Let Them Sing)
8. Throne
9. Shadow Moses
10. True Friends
11. Follow You
12. Can You Feel My Heart
13. Antivist
14. Drown

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