Canadian Retrowave Artist Riotron Delivers Surprise Holiday Single

With over 13.5 million streams for his wonderfully weird ‘I’m Sorry’ video featuring actor/comedian Tom Green (watch it here), over 8 million views for his high concept “Dark Highway” clip, and acclaim for remixes by Wuki and Black Caviar, Canadian retrowave pop artist Riotron returns with a surprise holiday single titled “Silent Night Angel.”

Riotron’s Jeff Fettes says, “For me, the holiday season is magical, but also intense and full of surprises. This is my version of a carol.”

The brainchild of singer/songwriter Jeff Fettes, Riotron is an electro-pop project from Winnipeg, Canada that combines elements of 80s synthwave, EDM, and even some jazz into a unique sound. The name is derived from the hit song ‘Rio’ by Duran Duran and the 1982 fantasy sci-fi film Tron. Look for more music and stunning visuals from Riotron coming soon.

Stream Riotron’s New Holiday Single, ‘Silent Night Angel’ via Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

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