Travis Barker Confirms Blink-182 Will Release A New Record This Year

In the gloomy gaze that is the year 2021 so far, things haven’t gotten off to the best start, but there’s some sunshine in the horizon.

There’s been talk for a while as to when we would hear new Blink-182 music and now drummer Travis Barker has all but confirmed we’re getting something this year!

In a post on Instagram, a fan asked “Travis is there any new blink-182 albums dropping this year???”, which Travis replied resoundingly “YES”

In the same post, a fan also asked when ‘NEON SHARK Vs. Pegasus’, the upcoming collaborative album from Travis and Trippie Redd is coming, and Travis replied: “sooner than you think”. 

Previously Blink-182 released the track ‘Quarantine’ in 2020. Check it out below.

‘Quarantine’ was meant to be appearing on an EP which didn’t see the light of day so I’m going to assume they switched up their plans and have decided to release a full length record instead? Either way, I’m sure everyone is happy to hear the news.

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