Jetty Bones Announces Details Of New Record

There’s some new record details on the way, this one concerns Jetty Bones.

‘Push Back’ is set to be released on February 25th 2021 via Rise Records.

On the track, Bones says:

“I started focused on my mental health, followed my own medicine, practiced what I preached, and actually took care of my brain. This record is more definitive of the project, because I was intentional with it. I worked through everything”

“I wanted to humanize myself as a person who really struggles with things, who absolutely does not have my shit together but is still trying really hard.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and stream of the single ‘That’s All’.

01.Waking Up Crying
02. Nothing
03. That’s All
04. Everything
05. Taking Up Space
06. Ravine
07. Waking Up Exhausted
08. Bad Time feat. Eric Egan (Heart Attack Man)
09. Dolly
10. Bad Trick
11. Bug Life

On ‘That’s All’, Jetty Bones says:

“That’s All” is about pushing to find healthy means of communications for a relationship that you’re truly invested in bettering. How far can we go before that process turns into a conflict instead of a conversation? Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a platonic one, or even one that exists within yourself – sometimes we all struggle to find that line. If it’s external, is your push pulling someone else from their comfort zone? If you’re at conflict with yourself, how can you really pick a side?

“The music video tends to the latter by romanticizing self-love in a dinner scene. Maybe if we learned to show ourselves the same empathy, compassion and understanding that we offer to the people we love, then we could get a little closer to truly loving ourselves too.”

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