Listen to Hunter Sheridan’s New Track ‘To You, My Friend’

I have a brand new track for you right here and this is one of the most emotionally charged masterpieces I’ve heard in a long while.

This is Canadian Folk/Indie Singer-Songwriter

On his latest single, “To You, My Friend,” he explains the track explores my struggle with obsessing over how quickly time passes, and worries that I haven’t shown enough gratitude to the ones I love for the beautiful life they have paved for me. It’s easy to pull yourself into dark places, but it’s also important to learn from them and try to be the best version of yourself with the time you have.

This track is just a haunting magnificent piece from start to finish witht he raw emotion you can’t get from most artists these days. This is one track definately not to be missed this year.

Check out the Cover Art and links on where to listen to the track below.

To stream, ‘To You, My Friend’, follow this link.

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