Single Review – Tunic – Fade Out

Back at the beginning of December, the Atonal Punks drenched in feedback Tunic announced their upcoming release ‘Exhalling’ which will be released this spring.

Now, there’s something new to add to that release in the form of ‘Fade Out’.

The band say:

This song was written on tour at an Airbnb called The Creative Station in rural Massachusetts. It was essentially a large hippie den that reeked of patchouli run by a couple who would host concerts in the space. They didn’t mind the noise, which let us put the bones of this song and others together out there.

Fade Out” shows the natural evolution of our sound, with a little more melody and traditional songwriting than our previous work. The lyrics, I bury my face and cry, sum up the period of my life this song captures. It was so hard to watch this person I care about go through such a difficult time in his life. I did as much as I could to help him out, but at the end of the day after work I would go home and cry.

From the outset, this is just noise to most people. To others it’s a heartbreaking track which shows just what Tunic are capable of and given the subject matter, it’s one that is just utterly heartbreaking but it’s one track needs to be heard. The track is a very fast based burner with no room for caution where the pulsating drums mixed with the screech of the vocals proves that the genre isn’t dead. It’s this sense for production where the standard for music is the best and at the forefront of this? Tunic.

This is one track when once we’re allowed back into venues, that we’ll mosh to undoubtedly because Tunic, this band right here might just be your very next favourite Punk band.

Rating: 5/5

‘Fade Out’ is available to buy via Bandcamp and you can out the video for the track below.

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