Single Review – Yonaka – Seize The Power

Yonaka are well and truly back. The UK based band have released, ‘Seize The Power’ which is the first track since the release of their 2019 record, ‘Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow’.

The band had this to say about the track:

“It’s been so long since we released new music and the time has finally come; this is a new chapter for us. We want you to get lost in a feeling of strength and empowerment when listening to this song.”

First time listening to the track, it’s so clear this is a major reset for Yonaka which just pulsates to their roots of their ‘Heavy’ EP released in 2017. But it’s more than that because with the evolution of their sound from the outset, they feel a lot more grown up but the lyrics feel as if something’s more there. This isn’t the Yonaka I’ve spoken to and listened to over the last few years. This is a much more powerful force and one that will surely see them taken to new heights.

If there’s one new track you listen to right now, make it ‘Seize The Power.


Check out the video and Spotify link for ‘Seize The Power’ below.

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