Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Says 2021 Hella Mega Tour Is Currently Going Ahead

With the current panemic still cursing the touring economy at the moment, gigs and events are still being postponed with Glastonbury Festival the latest casualty and the status of UK shows being up in the air. Rivers Cuomo has said that as far as he knows, the 2021 Hella Mega Tour is still going ahead.

The massive run which will see Weezer, Fall Out Boy and Green Day perform across the UK, EU and USA which dates were rescheduled from last year. Cuomo has told NME that:

“My manager just told me yesterday that the U.S. promoter is still saying it’s gonna happen. That could change, but I’m not making any other plans for the summer.”

In more lighter and brighter new however, Weezer will be released their record, ‘Ok Human’ this friday. Check out their track, ‘All My Favourite Songs’ below.

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