Family Dinner Show Love For Their Cats On New Single “Eyes”

Today, Long Beach, NY indie-alt band Family Dinner shared their new single “Eyes”. The track, which comes from their upcoming EP, You’re So Cool, out February 12th, features dreamy chord progressions and a punk-pop style chorus sure to be a highlight of the band’s live show. Lyrically, “Eyes” is very much a love song, except, in this case, the subject matter is vocalist Natalie Simonelli and guitarist Michael O’Keeffe cats, Iommi and Leatherface. You can stream “Eyes” now on YouTube and Spotify.

On the track, Simonelli stated:

“It’s about the connection you have with your pets, how they patiently wait for you every time you leave the house and how when you’re out you’d just rather be at home with them. It was originally written when Michael and I just had Iommi, when we’d get home from a show or out with friends you’d just see her green eyes in the darkness coming towards you and following you around before you flipped the lights on. The sentiment of the song obviously extends to our new guy, Leatherface. I have them in mind whenever I sing it but I hope it reminds the listener of their own pets or person they just can’t wait to get home to see.”

Recorded over five days with Brett Romnes (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche) at Barbershop Studios, You’re So Cool came together naturally for the band. The EP covers a wide range of topics –  from struggling to love yourself, “Song 4 (Bloom)”, to “Mahogany”, a song written from the perspective of Bradley Cooper’s character in The Midnight Meat Train. Self-proclaiming themselves as “a band to soundtrack a house party,” Family Dinner isn’t reinventing alt-rock, but bringing back that effortless, cool vibe that makes you want to pay attention.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Stream ‘You’re So Cool’, the latest single ‘Eyes’ as well as Pre-Order options below.

1. You’re So Cool
2. Eyes
3. Mahogany
4. Song 4 (Bloom)

Pre-Save the EP ‘You’re So Cool’ via the follow link and you can purchase ‘Eyes’ via their Bandcamp page.

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