Heriot Release New Track ‘Recreant’

After dropping their very loud and nosworthy track ‘Cleansed Existence’ in 2020, Heriot have released another new cut showing just what they’re capable of.

‘Recreant’ is a flat out assault, combining the riffs, deafening feedback and more that they’ve built upon in a massive showcase in the form of ‘Recreant’.

On the track, the band say:

“‘Recreant’ reflects on the ever-growing abuse of power in today’s world. With governments, politicians and influencers wrongfully using religion, nationalism and wealth to divide communities, class and race.

“In this release we’ve tried to hone in on some of our darker influences to best suit the lyrical content in this song. As a band we’ve delved deeper into our doom and sludge roots. This track allowed for a lot more experimentation into the use of textures and industrial elements to embellish the intensity of our sound.  

“This track touches on the contrast between the privileged and deprived and how the system is carefully manipulated to cater for the wealthy, even showing encouragement for minority groups of people to subconsciously vilify themselves.”

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