Sickret Release New Single ‘Worship’

For a moment, just imagine. Imagine that LIMP BIZKIT, DEFTONES, CLAWFINGER and KORN would decide to take a vacation together in Switzerland to write a new song together. This is exactly what the new single “WORSHIP” from Sickret sounds like!
The band finally return with their first single of the year. Sickret combines Nu- & Rapmetal with modern elements & shows how this genre should sound today.
For those of you who don’t know SICKRET yet: Founded in 2010, the band has already played over 170 concerts in 8 different countries. Sickret played shows, they shared the stage with renowned bands like MAD BALL, SKINDRED, JINJER, CRAZY TOWN, CLAWFINGER, JONATHAN DAVIS (KORN) and many others. With 3 albums under the belt, official chart placements & a huge fan base, Sickret will smash you in the face with a masterpiece.
With a lot of power and catchy fragments they’ve just created a very current song! 

Check out the music video for ‘Worship’ below.

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