Single Review – Sugar Horse – Slam Dancing In A Burning Building

SUGAR HORSE shares their monstrous 360-degree video experience in the form of ‘SLAM DANCING IN A BURNING BUILDING‘. The new single will also appear on thelimited-edition, double vinyl ‘DRUJ/Radio Cash-Ins’ (featuring the DRUJ EP and ‘The Great Shame‘ + ‘GakEater‘ singles).

 Drawing heavily from the poetry of Wilfred Owen’s ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’, the band’s latest offering sees SUGAR HORSE taking a leap forward in creativity and sound. The track pulverises listeners with a downpour of oppressive and doomy guitars, intertwined with ominous soundscapes and exploring themes of greed, violence, and the inherent darkness of man.

Formed in 2015 as a trio in a flat in Bristol messing around with their fuzz pedals, the band was finally completed with the addition of a fourth member on guitar and keyboards –2019’s standalone single ‘GAKEATER’– allowing them to add density to their sound. SUGAR HORSE set out to break away from emerging trends in the South-West scene, going against the grain while following a strict set of self-made parameters.“There was a lot of emphasis on having a pacey, driving and technical sound… We wanted to do the opposite; Make everything simple and slow everything down. I think the best art is formed when it’s creators enforce rigid rules on themselves. Mondrian had geometry, Mark E Smith had his hatred for cigarette taxation and we have a complete disregard for urgency.” Likewise, since their inception, SUGAR HORSE has released their debut EP, DRUGS to critical acclaim as well as sharing stages with the likes of Vennart, Brutus, The St Pierre Snake Invasion and Phoxjaw, as well as playing praised alternative festival ArcTanGent. 

The video for ‘Slam Dancing In A Burning Building’ is just something on a different level and concept to what most artists are doing at the moment, in a time when we are so constricted by events in the world and where some people can’t go outside, this is a fascinating video for a track who just bleeds energy in such a massive way where the catharsis just punches right into your head. What Sugar Horse do here is break out of their bubble and overwhelms the listener and viewer with intensity and heavy sounds which you have to see and hear to believe. This is one of the most important sounds you’ll hear in 2021.

Rating: 5/5.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options for ‘DRUJ/Radio Cash-Ins’  below.


Side A
The Crime Song
Your Degree Is Worthless And Your Parents Aren’t Proud Of You

Side B
I Liked You Better Before You Went To Art School

Side C
Slam Dancing In A Burning Building

Side D
The Great Shame

Pre-Orders for ‘DRUJ/Radio Cash Ins’ are available via the following link.

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